Swimming for babies


Improves muscle tone, endurance and strength. Improves coordination, balance and blood circulation. Confidence and self-confidence develop, and children have a better and calmer sleep.


Learning is a process, not a product - it happens at the speed of the child when he/she is open, calm and ready. We teach the love of water. It's all a game in which both children and parents win.

when to start?

From birth - in the bath, from the age of 3-4 months - in a suitable pool. Water activities are carried out in the presence of a parent up to 3-4 years of age, depending on the child.

• For the activities you need reusable or disposable diapers (ask our instructors for our special diapers in 3 sizes), swimsuit, towel, flip flops and a bag full of smiles and good mood.

• The classes last 30-45 minutes, always taking into account the condition of the parent-child couple.

• At the first visit, the activity is usually up to 30 minutes.

• It is important to go out before the onset of fatigue and hunger, which is manifested by intense rubbing of the eyes, sucking, lethargy and sometimes crying and irritability.

• In case of delay for any reason, we recommend that you wait for the next group without getting wet so that we can pay enough attention to you and not interrupt the group's activity.

• Before exercise, it is mandatory to take a shower with warm and lukewarm water, so as not to be a sharp temperature difference for children and to wash creams and ointments to prevent skin reactions.


Denitsa Chobanova