Aqua aerobics

Water aerobics (aqua aerobics) is a type of aerobics that is performed in a pool with a depth of 1 m and above (can be played both by stepping on the bottom and in a deep pool). It is a set of exercises suitable for all ages and tailored to the individual sports level. Aqua aerobics combines fitness, Pilates, martial arts, jogging, swimming, callanetics.

The class lasts for 60 minutes and includes: warm-up, real aerobic part, in which periods of lifting and reducing the pulse alternate (interval cardio) and stretching - stretching to relax the muscles. Special equipment loads all muscle groups and the probability of injury is reduced to zero.

Advantages of aqua aerobics:

·        does not load the joints - 80% of the weight of the individual is absorbed by the water;

·        strengthens the heart and increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles;

·        water resistance tones the muscles and they do more work;

·        it is an excellent way to lose weight, tighten and sculpt the figure;

·        it is suitable for people with injuries, low back pain, discopathy, disc herniation, varicose veins, weak muscles, stagnation.


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